① saber still doesn't start after charging?
Remove the battery and check the battery contact
plates, to ensure they are making contact. Gently bend
them out if they are not making contact, reinsert the
battery, and turn on the saber if there is no response
charge again. (if possible, use an external charger).
② Saber has no swing, hum, or clash sounds?
Usually, this is from low battery power. Charge the saber
for. hours. In Xeno, ensure files are set up on the micro SD
card, and ensure the micro SD card is seated properly
③ Saber stops working suddenly?
Remove the battery and check the contact plates.
Reinsert the battery, charge the saber, and try again. lf
If there is no response, contact your seller.
Saber is hot near the emitter?
it is normal for the LED in the emitter to generate heat.
but the emitter should diffuse most of the heat. As such
please do not turn on the electronics outside of a hill, as
the heat may damage the chassis without the aluminum
emitter to diffuse the heat.